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Phaedrus: ‘Pray as much for me also: for friends have all in common.’
Socrates: ‘Even so be it. Let us depart.’

It's all about conversion, the tip or blade turned up. Sharp trowel, dull soft dirt. R is a tricksy fellow, always butting in when he's not wanted, and still outside playing when he's called for dinner. Or dinnah, as it were.

I've gathered you together because all of you have asked me for thoughts on your writing, or offered achingly intelligent advice for my own. Let's play around. Let's get a little dirty.

See this post for rules and regulations.
a distaste for metaphor, action poetry, ai, alliteration, an affinity for metaphor, anapestic tetrameter, articulate caresses, beat poetry, bravery, breath, breathtaking phrasing, character, chris forhan, classical poetry, collaboration, colon, colophon, compassion, concrete verse, conflict, dialogue, enjambment, epic, etymology, ever-yearning, feminine rhyme, flash fiction, generosity, ghazal, good common sense, inclusion, inspired commentary, jeffrey mcdaniel, love, metrical feet, michael farrell, morpheme, novel, novella, pantoum, plot, poetic technique, point of view, populism, prophetic dreaming, prosody, punctuation, quatrain, rhythm, rilke, romantic poetry, short story, slam poetry, solidarity, sonnet, theme, villanelle, words of wonder, writing as constructed, writing as construction, writing devices